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Rightsizing a Home That Works for You

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As we age, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves living in a home that was originally purchased for very different needs. An important step to enjoying a long and healthy retirement is creating an environment that works today and will continue to work in the future. Rightsizing is a way to begin turning a challenging task into a manageable one. It can be liberating to de-clutter and simplify your life, particularly if your destination is a community where the demands of home ownership have been swept away.

Try this exercise

Assess how you live in your home. No matter how many rooms we have, we spend most of our time in three of them – the kitchen, living area and bedroom. And within those rooms, we often utilize only a few pieces, sitting in a favorite chair by the bookcase, for instance.

Here’s a tip to start your rightsizing journey

Imagine that you have no possessions. Next, make a list of what you would require to accommodate your lifestyle today – and one with no home maintenance duties.

  • How many sofas, chairs and beds do you need?
  • How large a dining table do you need?
  • Which kitchen utensils and how many sets of dishes do you routinely use?
  • Do you need a large garage if you no longer need lawn mowers, leaf blowers and a full set of home improvement tools?

Categorize to simplify

When your list is complete, take a look around. What must go will be apparent. Then, use colored post-it notes or stickers to divide items into three piles:

  • Keep
  • Give away or donate
  • Toss

This allows you to prioritize and really consider the next steps. If you’ve been keeping that corner cupboard, china set or piano for children, talk to them. Make sure they still have room for and want those pieces.

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