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Community Leadership Team

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Brian Grundusky

Executive Director

"I am extremely fortunate to have spent my entire career at Bethany Village.  I am forever grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to cultivate and enhance my professional skills through Bethany Village’s succession program. I am privileged and honored to work together with our associates in our mission to provide exceptional services to all of our residents."

Henri Lively

Administrator of The Oaks Skilled Nursing

"Every day at Bethany we are inspired by the residents we serve. Their life stories are all unique, and I believe they are drawn to our community because we honor each individual. I am proud to serve with a team of associates who are very dedicated to supporting residents in a way that fosters independence and choice. At the Oaks, we believe in making each day count - for ourselves and for those who call the Oaks home."

Kimberly Valvo

Administrator of MapleWood Assisted Living

"It has been said that 'the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.' I count it a privilege to partner with residents, their family members and associates in service to each other.  I am grateful to be part of a community that embraces aging, celebrates each person’s contributions and strives to do all the good we can be providing exceptional lifestyle opportunities to those we serve."

Debbie Barris

Director of Administrative Services

"Helping to create an environment that meets the residents’ expectations on a daily basis is very rewarding.  In addition, residents give you the opportunity to form cherished, lifelong friendships that make the challenges and celebrations personal.  Other organizations wane in comparison. Working side by side with other associates who have the same vision and purpose creates a synergistic response to an ever-changing environment."

Faye Betsker

Director of Human Resources

“The culture at Bethany Village is one that fosters acceptance, fun and friendship.  It is a privilege to work in the residents’ home and I cherish every interaction with them as they help shape leadership and reinforce the values and standards we instill in every associate.  Giving associates the tools to successfully care for the residents they serve with a smile on their face is my greatest accomplishment.”  

Bobbi Garland

Director of Dining

“Working at Bethany has really given me a deeper perspective about the effects that I can have on someone’s life.  It has been a pleasure getting to know residents who are eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences. They are not just my customers but my friends and extended family.  I feel like I can make a difference in their lives by making every day a better day for them.”

Dave Irvin

Director of Facilities

"I consider it a privilege to work at Bethany Village. The values and ethics practiced by this organization make Bethany Village a great fit for me. I believe that people are the most valuable resource we have and as such should be treated with great respect. I have learned many things from residents that have helped to mold my career and my personal values. I look forward to many years with the family here at Bethany Village."

Stephanie Lightfoot

Director of Sales and Marketing

"There are so many challenges in the aging process, and day after day I see the services we offer at Bethany Village making a positive impact and enhancing the quality of the residents' lives.  I feel validated knowing the work we do at Bethany Village really makes a difference. I am proud to be an associate here."

J.D. Shuman

The Asbury Foundation
Sr. Director of Development

"Asbury residents become our friends…truly.  We work in their homes and relationships come naturally in this environment. The laughter and, sometimes, heartaches that are shared become a measure of the incredible family atmosphere we are able to enjoy working at an Asbury community."